Interview with Jeevraj S. Grewal, VMD, DACVS Equine Veterinary Surgeon; Wellington, Florida

Interview with Jeevraj S. Grewal, VMD, DACVS Equine Veterinary Surgeon; Wellington, Florida

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Jeevraj S. Grewal, VMD, DACVS Equine Veterinary Surgeon; Wellington, Florida


Author’s Note: My hope is that when reading these interviews, they give you a brief, fun break from your daily routine and perhaps stimulate you to engage with others in new ways. The eleven questions are typical of how I get to know my clients during our first meeting.

    1. Where are you and what do you notice as you look around the space you are in right now?
      In my office after a long day’s work. It is nice to sit down and I’m not here very often.
    1. If you weren’t working what would be your ideal (real or imagined) most peaceful place to be?
      Doing something activity related with my kids. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and hitting golf balls. If I’m going 100mph I don’t think of anything else other than not dying. At this time of year, being season in Wellington, I am mindful of my phone so I can’t get into a golf game and so I enjoy practicing.
    1. How did three people influence you, personally or professionally, throughout your life?
      My father’s father and my parents, especially my mother. Helping me to navigate life, being a better person and working hard. I was very close to my grandfather, he was an extremely strong influence in a very sophisticated way. He never judged me and led by example. He was a strong religious influence and he was a very powerful man. Not because he was tall and bulletproof, he was 5ft 5” but he had a strong faith without brow beating it into us he made sure we had our feet firmly planted on the ground. We have been unshakeable having faced storms in our family. He never lectured us it was more through having casual conversations like this. We are Sikhs and he shared that if you truly believe there is a god you will be able to accept the good and the bad that comes your way. One faith is not better than another but if you truly understand the essence of your faith you will be able to navigate life. My mum was very driven, a lady in India who sent all her kids to Ivy League schools in the US and wanted her kids to do well and excel. She was never content with good enough and was unwavering and steadfast in getting uncomfortable. It was unusual for a woman in the 70’s in an Indian village to be such a visionary for her kids. She was very strong driven woman and an overachiever her whole life. There is a Persian word “Zubt”, which translates to the patience of the strong, it means when the storm happens I’m going to sit and wait it out and when the wind dies down I’m going to go that way. My grandfather was strong and a quiet person, my mother was inherently strong and in your face. They influenced future generations. There were a handful of people in my career that helped me along the way that gave me opportunities. I tried to do the best with those opportunities.
    1. Who currently inspires you?
      Mother Theresa was a strong influence, as a kid growing up in Calcutta, I saw what she did. My faith is number one and the people in my family showed me the power of it. It gives me a lot of strength.
    1. What do you consider your greatest attribute?
      I’m most proud of trying to be a good husband and a good father.
    1. What do you think you might need to work on?
      I’m here at night reading professional journals trying to keep up with therapies that are progressive and of benefit to the horse and I like to talk to my peers about those things. I have a long journey and I’d like to be half the man my grandfather was, I certainly want to strive.
    1. What do you think has been your greatest achievement?
      Professionally from being a little kid growing up in Calcutta to going to University of Pennsylvania to becoming a Boarded Surgeon I’m proud of that.
    1. What do you tend to say most often?
      I cuss a lot. Keep the faith and do the right thing.
    1. What do you value most in others?
      Honesty, compassion, kindness, generosity. I consider generosity not just monetarily but with time and effort. Just like Mother Theresa who brought in so much money to her charitable causes yet she slept in a small room and slept on a wooden bed with a wooden desk and chair, that was it. Simple things like that. Even though I enjoy nice cars and motorcycles it is not what I value in life. They don’t define me.
    1. What types of things do you like to read?
      I hate to read and never read fiction. I do like to read any kind of scientific journals or articles whether human or veterinary. I keep up with World events by reading the news on my phone.
    1. What curious or unusual thing might others be surprised to know about you?
      I’m a very private person and so it might surprise some people I like to ride bikes really fast.

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