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“A gentle process of exploring the meaning, sensory qualities, and behavioral outcomes is required in order to differentiate states of consciousness and gain control over them.”

Leslie E. Korn

Work with Me

It is my privilege and pleasure to offer Transformational Somatics™ to guide clients toward inner balance, optimal wellness, and fulfilling life design.  

For you, that integration and wellness may revolve around navigating a major life transition. You may be healing from a traumatic experience or wish to develop new coping skills to better regulate stress, anxiety, and triggers.

Whatever your needs and goals, I invite you to remember this:

Curiosity and possibility are two beautiful words.  

No matter what happens from here, I hope to gently remind and encourage you along your own healing and wellness journey with curiosity and possibility to guide you — even if we do not go on to work together. Please remember the words of Dr. Irvin D. Yalom, who said, “Meaningfulness is a by-product of engagement and commitment.”

If you think Transformational Somatics™ sounds like the solutions-driven approach that you have been craving, read on below. 

Together, we can explore the benefits of Transformational Somatics™ and how to develop the skills and the self-awareness to support your hopes, healing, and transitions in your life.

– Trudi


“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song”

~ Maya Angelou

Transformational Somatics

Transformational Somatics™ is a potent resource that is designed to create a clear path to optimal engagement in the world. This process includes understanding the ways our bodies symptomatically hold stress, communicate unresolved trauma, store unexpressed grief and carry incomplete self-protective responses to life events.

Our work includes rewiring the brain so that it can find ways of becoming more fully engaged and present, and to restore executive functioning through the discovery of safety and relaxing the nervous system. As you explore new ways to show up in daily life, you’ll discover a great sense of aliveness and connection with the self and others — in your present and in your future. A new world of opportunities awaits your discovery.

A compassionate journey for promoting healing from physical and emotional trauma, Transformational Somatics™ is available as coaching, therapy, or psychoeducation, and assesses the best ways to establish a holistic and comprehensive understanding of how stress and trauma may be symptomatically and dysfunctionally held within the body.

You can expect regulated experiential activities, open curiosity, exploration, and a sense of possibility and joy to guide our conversations, which focus on releasing held conflicts, trauma, stress, and anxiety from the nervous system. No judgments. No shaming. No guilt. We engage fully in the presence of the here-and-now.

Learn more about Transformational Somatics™ here.

Who is this for?

I specialize in supporting clients from young adults through seniors. I work in helping clients move through a wide variety of life transitions including career change, lifestyle changes, medical procedures, chronic pain, grief and loss, end-of-life planning, and anxiety, as well as traumatic events including accidents, motor vehicle collisions, adult survivors of sexual abuse, vicarious trauma, and PTSD.

I also enjoy working as an Executive Somatic Consultant to therapists and business professionals. I believe intensive brief work can be a creative and innovative process. This leads to more expansive patterns of thinking resulting in quicker and lasting change.

How We Work Together

I offer a concierge-style service to a limited number of individual clients to support the creation of clearer paths to optimal and integrated wellness:

  • Groups and multi-day intensives are custom designed and packaged.
  • Prorated 30-minute check-ins are offered but reserved for established individual clients only.

With offices in Boulder, Colorado and Wellington, Florida, I work with clients in person as well as those located across the globe or who travel frequently through remote teleconferencing sessions.

I tend to keep a short waiting list of prospective clients to preserve maximum flexibility and availability for my existing clients, no matter where they are located in the world. This allows for the easy accommodation of business, personal, and travel schedules.

To explore Transformational Somatics™ together,
you’re invited to join me for a no-obligation conversation!

Click here to reserve your free 30-minute consultation, which I offer to those prospective clients who feel ready to commit to a new method of exploring their transformational goals. I can also refer you to some great external referral resources if they may support your journey. 

Together, we will meet one another, discuss your goals, and inquire openly about how Transformational Somatics™ may support your health, optimal wellness, and life goals.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to meeting you in your complimentary consultation!

Yours warmly,

Trudi Howley

Licensed Professional Counselor
Somatic Psychotherapist
Certified Professional Coach
Trauma Healing Specialist

*Please note: I accept private pay clients only and a limited number of sliding scale slots are currently wait-listed. Thank you for understanding!

PS: I typically work with very committed clients who are already motivated and high functioning.