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Thank you for expressing your interest in my complimentary 30-minute consultation session!

I am really looking forward to meeting and speaking with you.

As may have already read, one of the biggest reasons why I became a mental health professional and certified coach is because the support of others has been so important to me in my own healing and wellness journey throughout my life.

That’s something that I wish to share with others, including you!

Thank you for being so invested in your health, wellness, and the authorship of your life’s design!


Trudi Howley

Licensed Professional Counselor
Somatic Psychotherapist
Certified Professional Coach
Trauma Healing Specialist


Here’s how your free 30-minute consultation work:

  •  We schedule an optimal 30-minute appointment time together, preferably via text message, when you share your phone number with me below

  • Our 30-minute consultation will occur by phone call together

  • We will explore your goals and what obstacles you sense may be in your way

  • We’ll reflect on prior history of therapy or coaching, including what has worked for you and what hasn’t

  • We’ll also cover basics like the structure of future sessions and pricing, should we agree that working together feels like a good fit!

    And, most of all, we will explore all of this and more with possibility and curiosity to guide us!