Co-Creating Self-Regulation,
Trauma Healing, and Life Design


I’m Trudi Howley. I believe the ability to make choices and transformation of problems into solutions are born from listening to what body-mind connection is trying to share with us. As a Somatic Psychotherapist and Certified Professional Coach, I founded Transformational Somatics™ as a holistic, solutions-focused approach to wellness.

“All of Life is a Transition and the Body has a Mind of its Own.”

Trudi Howley

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Trudi Howley


All of Life Is a Transition

As a competitive equestrian I know the importance of transitions. In the show arena we are given marks for the transitions between movements as well as the required movements themselves. Through my own journey of transitions in life, I discovered the profound impact of receiving guidance, reflection, and personal support from others—rather than trying to go it alone. Today, I strive to support my clients with the same guidance, reflection, and personal support that proved so meaningful to me.

I work with those who may feel isolated or stuck, but crave finding new ways to move forward in their lives. Together, let’s explore your embodied stories and goals. I feel passionate about supporting the pursuit, discovery, and integration of your own unique definition of wellbeing.

Trudi Howley Somatic Therapist - Transformational Somatics

Listen to Your Body’s Intelligence

Over more than two decades, I developed a refined ability to decipher nonverbal communication and subtle energetic cues of living creatures. I practice a solutions-focused style of therapy and coaching that unlocks the subtle, nonverbal communication clues that our bodies and minds are already trying to share with us—so that we may learn from them, heal, and grow.

Blending therapeutic healing practices and coping skills to help clients alleviate symptoms of stress, dysregulation, overwhelm, pain, anxiety, and trauma, Transformational Somatics offers clients a special pathway to optimal health and wellness.

A Collaborative and Client-Centered Approach

From helping clients heal from traumatic events to developing self-care, navigating life transitions, improving the quality of relationships and more, my work a Somatic Psychotherapist and Certified Professional Coach blends coping skills, holistic techniques, and mindfulness strategies with an overarching sense of curiosity to guide possibility and potential.

I offer a concierge-style service to a limited number of clients, both in-person and remotely, to support the creation of clearer paths to optimal and integrated wellness.

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Do you feel ready to explore what your embodied stories are trying to tell you? Are you feeling committed to a new method of exploring your transformational goals? I offer a free 30-minute consultation to prospective clients like you.

Together, we will discuss your goals, what roadblocks you sense are standing in your way, and how together we may support newfound authorship of your own life’s design.

Join me for a no-obligation conversation. It would be my pleasure to meet you.